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Photos: Lucía López - Olivia Hananía


October 2021

The Heritage Day of Uruguay in homage to the modernist writer José Enrique Rodó was the pretext to rediscover his great essay ARIEL and base this new limited edition collection.


Ariel talks about aspects of beauty and utility, a recurring theme in the world of art and design, and which now helps us to better understand our purpose as textile sculptors.


“Ariel is the empire of reason and feeling over the low stimuli of irrationality; it is the generous enthusiasm, the high and disinterested motive in action, the spirituality of culture, the vivacity and grace of intelligence; the ideal term to which human selection ascends,..., symbol of sensuality and clumsiness, with the persevering chisel of life.”


This collection revalues what is unused, abandoned; with the work and transformation of the material, the form takes on a new meaning.


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