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The "AUREO" coat is very comfortable and adaptable. It has a neck that extends like a belt, allowing it to be fitted or worn loose in an unstructured way, adapting to different bodies and silhouettes; It has openings and pockets on its sides. The "grey" color is unique, it is reborn from handmade dyeing with the Tie Dye technique by "reserve" in the form of lines, allowing the discovery of different shades and tones until reaching the "natural" characteristic of wool. Or it can be customized in the color of your preference. It is made of 100% felted merino wool entirely produced in Uruguay.


  • We accept changes and returns within 7 days of receiving the product.

    ​Contact us by landline (+598) 2916-50-76 or WhatsApp (+598) 099-595-175

    ​Returns are received from items up to 10 days after delivery

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