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METAMORPHOSIS:  process by which an object or entity changes shape. It is in allusion to this concept that the designers' ideas come together for this new collection.

On the one hand, the idea of appropriation, through cuts, knots, folds, exacerbates the different ways of using each garment. The limit is reached that some are accompanied by a brief instruction, allowing the user to intervene in them, thus prolonging the process initiated by the designers.

On the other, with the random repetition of an abstract element such as the line, as in the MIKADO game, drawings or textures are generated that evolve and transform, removing or adding layers or skins of ink transferred or sublimated on the fabric. , covering or discovering new skins closer or farther from the body.

In this way, ANA and FERNANDO reaffirm the ideas they have been working on, of extending the design processes, leaving free variables that allow the person to resignify their clothing.

Arch. Pedro Livni

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